About the Shaikh Group


The Shaikh Group (TSG) and Shaikh Group Non Profit (SG) are focused on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Our mission is to facilitate dialogue with the peoples of the region and between states in the region, as well as with key international actors. TSG aims to advance practical initiatives that promote peace, tolerance, mutual security, and shared economic prosperity.

In a context of sharply heightened conflict and instability, we believe that new and innovative channels of dialogue – both open discussions and discreet processes – are essential to developing and realising a more hopeful vision for the region. TSG is an independent organisation with significant expertise in diplomacy and mediation. In addition to working with governments, TSG empowers people, political actors, civil society and the private sector to explore sustainable solutions to seemingly intractable conflicts and work toward a more peaceful, secure, and prosperous future.





Towards the end of 2020, TSG marked its five-year anniversary.
Though still a small and nimble organisation, we have grown considerably in that time, particularly over the last year, following the launch of a new Iraq Dialogue Initiative in September 2021.
That growth has come at a time of mounting challenges and setbacks for the causes of conflict prevention,
management or resolution that have now hit an alarming
and foreboding crescendo with the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
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Annual Report....

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In 2019 and the first quarter of 2020, TSG made progress in a series
of mediation tracks focused on sub-national governance and support for conflict prevention and stabilisation in northeast
and northwest Syria, even as the national-level political process remained stalled. With regional tensions escalating dangerously,
we successfully transitioned from an initial engagement among global powers into a full-fledged “global-regional”
dialogue within our Track II Dialogue for Regional MutualSecurity – developing ideas for de-escalation that are now being
considered by key regional players. TSG also expanded beyond these two core projects.....

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Founded in September 2015, The Shaikh Group (TSG) is based in Cyprus and brings together a highly qualified team with extensive government, UN, diplomatic, research and policy-related experience. With a presence in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States, we have the capacity to convene dialogues with key parties throughout the region and beyond, and a strong commitment to the principles of independence and confidentiality that are essential to these processes. 

Τhe TSG team launched the Syria Track II Dialogue Initiative, a project aiming to promote dialogue and build consensus among key Syrian actors, helping them put forward actionable proposals for a Syrian-led future political process to end the conflict in Syria.
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Since September 2018, The Shaikh Group has been running its Track II "Dialogue for Mutual Security in the Middle East" initiative. Supported by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the German Federal Foreign Office, Institut Montaigne and the Policy Center for the New South, this project’s novel contribution has consisted in taking an “outside-in” approach to regional dialogue, by facilitating a series of consultations initially among former officials and senior experts from global powers - the United States, Russia, China, India and Europe (Phase I, September 2018 - August 2019).

To revolutionize peace-building efforts in the MENA region, TSG's "Technology Tools for Peacebuilding" project aims to increase the use of technology in peacebuilding mechanisms. In support of this initiative, The Shaikh Group has formed a cross-industry peacebuilding group in the Bay Area, which convenes San Francisco technology and philanthropy leaders, and has been named the “San Francisco Peacebuilding League”. Its purpose, as agreed by its members, is to generate new ideas and connections to positively contribute to successful peacebuilding and conflict resolution outcomes around the world, inter alia by supporting the use of innovative technologies.