Outcome Papers

Working Paper on Syrian-Syrian Dialogue

February 2017-March 2018

A series of workshops, starting in February 2017, brought together a small group of loyalists participating with approval of Syrian government authorities, alongside oppositionists and independents who had previously participated in TSG’s Initiative.

Participants again included political figures, former officials, business people, professionals, civil society actors, and representatives of armed opposition groups; discussions were held in an informal, unofficial Track II setting.  

Over a series of dialogues, participants agreed a joint vision for steps to reinvigorate a political process at the national level.

They again called for a more gradual process, driven by broadened Syrian-Syrian Dialogue involving the Syrian government, the opposition and “centrist” figures not openly aligned with either party. They agreed that such a dialogue should be held “without preconditions,” on the basis of an “open ceiling,” while outlining an agenda covering issues it must address, as well as accompanying confidence building measures and terms for broad-based participation and sponsorship.

These joint recommendations were set out in a “Working Paper on Syrian-Syrian Dialogue” that was finalised by March 2018.

To view the full paper, please download it here: Arabic / English