The Shaikh Group at the Paris Peace Forum (Nov. 11-13, 2018)

Global Powers and the Middle East: Meeting the challenge of cooperation

The Shaikh Group and the Paris Peace Forum are pleased to announce their collaboration in convening the second roundtable of The Shaikh Group's Track II Middle East Strategic Dialogue initiative. 

This is an innovative initiative that facilitates a series of consultations among participants from global powers - the US, Russia, China, India and Europe.  Since the difficulties in the MENA region have reached an unprecedented level of complexity and corrosive effect on the international system, we believe that there is an urgent need for global powers to find greater common ground and understanding.

Over the coming months, this effort will also engage regional parties regarding its findings. Our dialogue series aims to produce concrete policy recommendations for key capitals and international stakeholders on improved mechanisms to address the spread of insecurity and conflict in MENA. Institut Montaigne, the OCP Policy Center as well as the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs are co-partners in this initiative.